Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Now For Some (unintentional) Comedy!

This clip is from a Welsh film that is taught at GCSE every year... It's sooo good, because it's sooo bad!:L
It had quite a cult following now, it's very funny:L
We will use entertainment to good use!

Man:- Be' ydw i wedi 'neud i chi, pam?

Beth - What?

Ydw i wedi - have I done ("wedi" makes it 'did', makes it be in the past, "have done" something)

i.e. rydw i wedi ysgrifennu llythyr - I have written a letter

'neud = gwneud = (to) do / make

i chi - to you (respect, plural)

Pam? = why?

Be' ydw i wedi 'neud i chi, pam?
What I have done to you, why?
Or, in question order...
What have I done to you, why?

  Woman:- Pam lai?

Pam - why

Pam lai - means, why not?

Man:- Just dudwch pam?

Just- Just
dudwch (North Wales accent) = dywedwch - you say ("chi" version - dywedwch chi) 
pam - why

Woman:- Pam? (bad evil laugh)  

Pam? - why?


Woman (being straggled):- Dyna 'dych chi isio te?

Dyna - There (that it)

'dych chi - ydych chi - you do/do you (cause its a question)

isio - eisiau (pronounced with North Wales accent)

te - then

Woman:- Eii? Come on!

no explanation needed

Man:- Chi ddim yn call

chi - you (plural, polite, formal)

ddim - not

yn - "is" (in the state of.. i.e. yn frown - is brown)

call - sane (should be "gall" but, just everyday speech)

... You're not sane!


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